Oscar & Ray

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This stunning children’s book is a collaboration between Amber Gaskell & Bec Brown.
“Ray is a little caterpillar with a big heart. Taking his friend Oscar on an adventure through starry filled skies, pirate filled islands and new friendships.
A beautifully written story to explore a childs heart and emotions around kindness and the importance of friendship.”

Want to know about us?
Amber Gaskell – “With a focus of rhythm and rhyme. Oscar and Ray is written to please the ears and eyes of all storytellers.”
Young or old it’s a beautifully written story, exploring a child’s heart and emotions around kindness and the importance of friendship.
Amber is a fully Qualified Teacher within the Early Childhood Sector and passionate Writer.
She’s put so much love and attention into this stunning tale. With not a leaf unturned. With her most creative hours between 11pm and 3am at night nothing could stop her creative flow. Although with a young baby that sleeps through the night we can’t say this was helpful..
Email: amber@woodlandbooks.co.nz
Insta: @woodlandbooks

Bec is our dream Designer and Illustrator here at Woodland Books and has her own Design Business Clouds of Colour. Bec fufills everything we need and as our Key Illustrator is the only one we are taking on at the moment.
Free free to contact her at:
Email: bec@cloudsofcolour.com
Insta: @cloudsofcolour

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Bec Brown